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Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

We’ve found out who ate all the porridge!

This week the Nursery children have had fun re-telling the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears and have shown us how well they have been listening and learning the sequence of events and language from the story.    They have also been fabulous actors and actresses!

Look at their fantastic story-telling:

  “This is just perfect!”

“Oh no! It’s broken!”

This sad little bear couldn’t believe his eyes when he found his empty porridge bowl!

You all did a great job!

Through re-telling familiar and simple stories, young children learn the building blocks of narrative, vocabulary and the flow of language and begin to develop imaginary worlds on which they can base their own stories.  You can help your child at home by sharing lots of stories with them and re-reading favourite books.  Once they know the story and words really well, encourage them to ‘read’ the story to you using the pictures to help them.