Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

“Friends Make You Happy!”

Friendship Week

What is a good friend?

We had a great discussion about what it means to be a good friend and the children gave us some really thoughtful and well-considered ideas – “friends play with you;  friends look after you;  friends make you laugh;  they share things with you and they make you happy!”  What great ideas and what kind, caring and friendly children we have in Nursery.


We have read lots of stories in which the characters have been good friends, even though there was a little falling out in “Sharing A Shell” by Julia Donaldson and we talked about the importance of sharing, working together and looking after each other.

This week the children have been encouraged to think carefully about their creative work in the Craft Corner as they made pictures of their friends.  The Nursery adults have been working alongside them modelling critical thinking and planning skills, making choices and solving problems as the pictures were created.   The children have learned that they can use a range of media to represent ideas and also practised, cutting, mark-making, measuring, making their own templates and using glue appropriately.

Ready, Steady, Cook!

This week all of the children have had a turn at baking.  We made ‘Friendship Cookies’, one each to share with a friend. 

Some children took their cookies home to share with family, whilst some of us shared them for snack in the Forest!  Some of us snapped them in half to share with a special friend and some cookies broke into several pieces, which delighted the children as they were able to share with lots of  their friends.


Maths Mastery!

We have had some super demonstrations of maths mastery this week, with children really applying counting skills with confidence and accuracy.  Some children have been reading numerals on shopping lists and matching the quantities of objects.  Some children used picture frames to make pictorial representations of numbers with great independence and some children made some magic ‘medicine’ for Number 4 – not only counting objects, but spoonfuls, drops, scoops, and even pinches of ‘glitter’ for that extra little magic – remembering to only add ‘4’ of everything! Number 4 is so much better now!

Forest School

We visited our second Forest School site on Monday, having first been around the school grounds for a brisk ‘stomp’ as it was such a cold and frosty morning!  There were new and interesting places to explore, including some tall stumps which the children enjoyed climbing onto, an extremely bouncy rope-walk, some very interesting fungus and the strange find of one very mysterious shoe which led to some great story-telling about who had lost it!  We love Forest School!


Next week we will be continuing with our “Friendship” theme and beginning to practice every day for our Nativity.  It’s not long now!