Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Forest Fun!

First Forest School Session

We had our very first Forest School sessions in Nursery this week.  The children loved exploring our ‘Oaks’ Forest School area.  They went on an adventure to ‘find the bear’ (we didn’t catch him!), jumped, climbed, found paths to follow and ‘jungles’ to explore.  They cooked in the Forest Mud Kitchen, practised using the rope swing and found lots of forest minibeasts, including a frog!


We were so impressed by the way they tidied away their own wellies and Forest kit when we returned to Nursery.   Very well done, Nursery children! Also a very big thank you to all the Nursery parents for kitting the children out with all their outdoor gear.

Our Story of The Week – The Very Busy Squirrel

This week we have been practising re-telling our story of the week, remembering what happened in the correct order and using phrases and vocabulary from the story.  We went outside to act it out and even found a tree for the bird to sit in and a perch for the owl.

Creative Art

This week the children have also been learning some new skills to use when they are painting.  We call it ‘process art’ when we talk with children about the different stages in their work.  We have been learning to use shapes, circles and lines for drawing and painting.  The children painted trunks and branches for autumn trees using lines up, down and across.  This is also the vocabulary of movement which we will be using when the children begin to learn to form letters later in the Nursery year.  The  children then printed leaves in beautiful autumn colours onto their trees.  Such fantastic concentration and careful work.

The children have also been practising their drawing skills by using circles and then using paint carefully to fill in the shapes.  We talked about choosing colours, using fine brushes for small details and learned some new ways of using the paint rather than just painting colours on top of each other.  We painted pictures of the characters from the story, the busy little squirrel and the owl.   The children were so excited at finding out what they could do and so proud of the paintings they achieved.  We think you are amazing artists, Nursery boys and girls!

Ready, Steady . . . Cook!



Our recipe of the week was Apple Crumble.  Our cooks peeled, chopped and stewed their apples and weighed, stirred and mixed up the flour, butter and sugar and sprinkled it on top of the apples.    Each child made a small crumble each and took it home to share with their family for tea!  They told us it was delicious!