Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

To celebrate the start of the World Cup we had a year group assembly where we looked at what the world cup is, where it is and the countries competing. All children in the class have drawn a country out of a hat to support and keep track of during the competition. We are all excited to see who has the winning team!
To link in with the World Cup we have been working on ball control in football. Children have been learning how to dribble and pass the ball with control and accuracy.

This week in English we finished our stories based on the story ‘The Queen’s Orangutan’ by creating a new ending. The class had to use the animal that they created earlier on in the unit to become the new King or Queen. We have seen lots of fantastic stories. Throughout the unit of work children have been focusing on conjunctions, correct punctuation and adjectives. Next week will be moving onto more free writing where they will be creating stories from a picture.

In Maths we have revisited measurement through measuring the weight and length of objects. In the outside area children found different items to measure and in the classroom they weighed different pieces of fruit and vegetables. As part of these teacher groups the children also used estimation skills. Through child initiated learning the class continued to solve missing number sentences, true and false addition statements and order + match bottles based on capacity. Next week we will be revisiting money focusing on creating and counting amounts.

Well done to all Year 1 children for being absolute superstars this week during the phonics screening check. We are both so proud of all of the children for the hard work and determination they have put into learning new sounds this year.