Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Fire in the Forest!

The Nursery children have learned and remembered the Forest School Fire Area rules so well that we had a fire during the last week of half-term.  They learned how to whittle a toasting stick for their marshmallows by using a potato peeler and followed the instructions to keep themselves safe.  The children were asked to find a ‘green’ stick that measured as long as their arm from the shoulder to the tip of their longest finger.  Then they sat down, tucked the stick safely under their arm, held it steady and then whittled off the bark making sure the potato peeler always scraped the bark away from their hands and bodies.  They waited patiently to be invited into the fire area by an adult and sat carefully, in the stable position they had been taught, to toast their marshmallows.  When the marshmallows were sticky and ‘gooey’ and melting, they sandwiched them between two biscuits to make ‘shmores’ and returned carefully to their logs to sit and count to ten so that their marshmallows were cooled before eating them.  What a lot of  clever thinking the children did – listening, looking, measuring, keeping themselves safe, following rules, using sharp tools without hurting themselves, toasting the marshmallows, talking, and counting – and our ‘shmores’ were delicious!

The Nursery adults were very proud of all the children and so impressed with their very sensible and careful behaviour.  We are going to cook something a little more adventurous next time!