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Extreme Readers in Year 3!

Brisbane and Sydney show off their many talents with fantastic extreme reading photos!


Year 3 are leading the way in extreme reading this week with many fantastic photos being sent it! The children have been enjoying choosing their favourite book and getting into all sorts of positions and places to read. This has sparked conversations about their chosen book and author, with us starting our new ‘Book Swap’ station in class too where the children can bring in and swap books they have read and enjoyed.

Here we have Orielle in the sink reading The Famous Five by Enid Blyton!

Miley has been enjoying the Rainbow Magic series by Daisy Meadows. I think they should release a new book called ‘Miley the Gymnastic Fairy’!

Jim took his reading to the extreme by visiting the park at night with his head torch! Balancing on a bridge, he settled into his book and enjoyed telling us all about his evening adventure.

We also have Morgan who was ‘reading underwater’ using his fish tank! A super idea.

We can’t wait to see more extreme reading photos and to get our book swap up and running in both classes.