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England Class (Nursery) Newsletter

November & December 2016

We hope that the children all enjoyed a well-earned half-term break in a week of glorious Autumn weather. Thank you all for sharing your Autumn adventures on Tapestry and your amazing ‘Autumn Selfies’! We will be putting them on our Autumn display.

We have really enjoyed getting to know the children and helping them to settle in. It always makes us very proud to reflect on the progress they have already made and to look forward to even more. This promises to be a very busy half-term as we get ever nearer to that exciting time of the year. Yes, Christmas is not far away now!

We will begin by continuing our Autumn theme, finding out more about hedgehogs and how other wild animals are preparing for the coming winter. In our Forest School sessions we will be making homes and shelters for any woodland ‘visitors’. We will be thinking about Remembrance Day and joining in some fun ‘spotty’ activities for Children in Need. Bonfire Night is approaching fast and we will be taking the opportunity to create some colourful firework art. We will also continue to read and talk about stories with the children to encourage vocabulary development and to nurture a love of reading.

As you are aware, threaded through all of our activities is our planning to ensure that we keep children’s interests and fascinations firmly at the heart of all that we do. We will be continuing to join children’s play and build on, extend and challenge their knowledge, interests and experiences during their self-initiated play. Please let us know about any interests your child has at home.

As if all that wasn’t enough to keep us very busy, we will begin to learn our songs for our very special Nativity performance. We will learn about the Christmas story to help us to understand the songs. Later in November we will join the Reception Classes to practise singing and acting together.

Finally, we are constantly striving to ensure that your child’s time with us is happy, stimulating, enjoyable and worry-free. Please always feel very welcome to ask questions and come and talk with us about any concerns.

Mrs MacDonald

Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Hill and Mrs Bone