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Egg Parachute Investigation in Year 5!

Today in Science Year 5 have been learning about air resistance.

Year 5 were given the task of creating a parachute that will allow an egg to float safely to the ground without breaking. We all decided that our materials for our parachutes would need to be sturdy but also light. Some pupils predicted that if they were big and wide then they would work better as they would capture more air resistance. Others thought that they had to be smaller so that they would not be too heavy!

We made our parachutes and then inserted our eggs into their containers which were polystyrene cups. Mrs McBride then dropped them from a height and we watched the results. Some managed to stay intact and others smashed!


Yesterday was a very exciting day as the children had the opportunity to audition for the Key Stage 2 play which is coming up very soon! We have chosen a well-loved play called ‘Pirates of the Curribean’. Miss Stone and I watched all of the auditions and then we had the difficult part of casting. The children have now been allocated all of their parts and rehearsals will be starting next week!

Well done year 5 for another brilliant week! Keep working hard!