Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Early Years Nativity

We are so excited about our Early Years Christmas nativity production!


This week the Nursery children have joined our Reception Classes for our first rehearsals for our outdoor Nativity production and we are off to a fantastic start!

They have been practising their best singing for the last two weeks and it really showed as they sang all the songs we have learned so far absolutely word perfectly!

They are now excited to see how we will transform our Outdoor Classroom into Bethlehem complete with trees full of twinkly lights and a starlit stable!

We are all looking forward to a truly magical evening. As Advent approaches


This week we have continued our ‘Friendship’ theme.  We have practised our scissor skills, snipping straws to make beads and using fine motor skills and lots of hand-eye co-ordination to thread them onto ribbon to make a bracelet.  The children then gave their bracelet to a friend, telling them why they thought they were so special.

Our ‘Friends Photo Booth’ has been transformed into a ‘photography’ studio.  We have some budding photographers who certainly know how to take a good portrait photo, inspired by the recent visit of the school photographers.  The children set up an office, sold tickets and made a waiting area whilst the nursery photographers used our I-pads to take the shots in their ‘studio’.  What amazing technology skills our children have!


We have also continued making the collage pictures which we began last week. The children are still trying hard to master the very difficult skill of using scissors.  They love cutting so much that we have set up a “Snipping Station” this week with strips of old paper for them to practise their scissor skills.  It really looked as if it had snowed around our Craft Table with all the tiny pieces of paper the children had snipped!  Perhaps parents could add a pair of child-sized scissors to Christmas Stockings this year to help their child practise at home.

Forest School

As the last leaves fall from the trees in our Forest we made a very interesting discovery!  The big leaves from the walnut tree had dropped onto the path still on their stems.  Some stems had only one leaf whilst others had two, three and more.  This led to lots of counting until the children had made a number line with leaves all the way to nine.  One of the children then had a very clever idea – he turned over a a single leaf and noticed the veins – he counted them and realised they were the missing link in our number line – “this leaf has ten stripes it can be number ten!”   What a fantastic way to practise our counting skills.  Keep counting, nursery children!


Exciting delivery!

We had a very exciting end to the week.  On Friday we received a delivery of  a new set of large wooden blocks.  Our existing set are now thirty years old and we have been saving for two years to raise the £1250 for a new set. Thanks to the generosity of parents of children who attended our Nursery between September 2015 and July 2017 we have finally been able to purchase them!

We are sure that these new blocks will provide as much pleasure and inspire as much creativity for many more children over the next thirty years as the old set has done in the past.  We are very, very grateful to all the parents who donated and send out a huge and heartfelt ‘thank you’ to you all.