Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Dear Zoo!

We wrote to the Zoo to send us a pet.  They did! Two big parcels arrived in Nursery this week!  Look what  happened . . .

Our first parcel, which arrived on Monday,  contained a giraffe but we decided to send him back because he was ‘too tall’.   The second parcel arrived on Thursday!  Out of it jumped a very cheeky monkey.  He jumped all over Nursery, sat on our SmartPanel, swung from the beam and chased the children.  They were squealing with excitement but he was so ‘naughty’ that they decided to send him back!  We have never seen children so excited to write.  Every single child has written their own letter to the Zoo to explain why we were sending the animals back and to ask for a ‘proper’ pet!

We are hoping to receive some more parcels when we return from our half-term break.

The children are now able to re-tell the story from beginning to end using the vocabulary from the book and the pictures as prompts.  Some of them can read and write ‘Zoo’ and one child recognised the word ‘Fragile’ which was on one of the labels on our parcels and which is in the book.  This just goes to show the power of reading to your child as much as possible, talking about the pictures, words and letters and encouraging them to re-tell the story themselves.  Don’t forget to keep up that “Take 10” reading challenge every day over the half-term holiday and don’t forget to join us for our next Story Share on Friday, 2nd March.