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Celebrating friendship and differences in Year 1.

We have had a fabulous week in Year 1, all about celebrating differences and friendship.


In our PSHE lessons this week, we have been learning how to be good friends and how to recognise when someone is not being a good friend. Children sorted good and bad characteristics of friendships, explaining their thoughts on their sorting with their group. Children also learnt about the meaning of ‘bullying’, focusing on what signs to look out for and who they can talk to both in school or at home.


In our English lessons this week, we have started to learn about journey stories, using ‘Gordon’s Great Escape’ by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet as our stimulus. Children have been applying their non-negotiables within their writing and making sentences more exciting by using ‘WOW’ adjectives.


In our Maths lessons this week, we have learnt all about addition and how we can solve them using equipment and pictures. Children have learnt the importance of addition in the real world through their enhanced provision activities.

Children in Need   

Today has been a wonderful day, raising money and celebrating the fantastic work carried out by ‘Children in Need’. Yesterday, all children made their flags and walked up to cheer on the ‘Rickshaw’ challenge. Today, children brought in their own bikes and scooters to carry out their own Rickshaw challenge on the playground.

Parents evening

It was wonderful to see so many parents at parents evening this week, I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating children’s achievements and progress. Thank you to all parents who attended.


Mrs Davies