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Brilliant Bodies!

In Nursery we have been learning about how our bodies work.  Our interest began during a PE session when we were thinking about all the different ways we can move our bodies.  Then the children had lots of questions about how our legs and arms  move.  We began by finding out about our skeleton which supports and protects our body.  We investigated a collection of bones and found out they were very hard and all had special names.  We have loved learning the word ‘phalanges’ for the bones of the fingers in our hands!

We wanted to know what happened to our food when we swallowed it and did a very messy experiment to find out!  We found out about how we breathe and showed how our lungs worked by attaching and sealing straws to plastic bags and inflating and deflating them.

Dr Braddick came in to Nursery with a model ‘body’ to tell us more and we asked her lots of questions.  She told us how our heart worked.

We have been very interested in our collection of non-fiction books about our bodies.  When we were reading one we found out some information about the tallest man that ever lived.  We measured his height along the carpet as if he was lying down.  We had to use three metre sticks!  Some boys and girls decided to draw him on a very long piece of paper and then measured themselves to find out how tall they were in comparison.  We found out that this man would not have been able to stand up straight inside our Nursery!  The children suggested he could ‘crawl’ or ‘walk on his knees’!

Our role play area has been a hospital and doctors’ surgery and our doctors and nurses have been very busy making their patients well again!

We all think our bodies are brilliant!