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Year 2 – An unlikely friendship…

Little Beauty by Anthony Browne

Have you ever read a book about an unlikely friendship? This week we have been studying Little Beauty by Anthony Browne. It is a lovely story about a sad gorilla who is given a new friend to cheer him up; a kitten called Beauty. They are happy together and do everything together until…..

We created story maps so children were able to confidently retell it to a friend, before writing our own version of the story. Our grammar focus has been the four types of sentences: statements, questions, exclamations and commands, which we are trying to include in our writing.

The children are really enjoying the story and the illustrations have prompted lots of discussion as there are clues hidden in them.  during our guided reading session we have been reading Gorilla, another book by Anthony Browne.

Have you read any other stories written by him?