Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

What an exciting week it has been for the Nursery children.  A beautiful Christmas Tree arrived in Nursery and we had the first ‘serious’ snow they have ever seen!

O Christmas Tree. O Christmas Tree. How lovely are your branches!

On Monday a beautiful Christmas arrived in Nursery ready for our first week of Advent.  The children were so excited to decorate it.

We would like to say a huge thank you to ETC Sawmills.  It  arrives for the first week in December, is always a beautiful tree and always marks the start of Nursery Christmas celebrations.





The children are so familiar with the Nativity story now after learning all about it for our Nativity performance next Monday.  We began the week by celebrating Advent as our ‘count up’ to Christmas Day.  We made an Advent ‘crown’ and added the first candle.  A beautiful natural advent calendar.  We will mark each passing day by lighting the candle and writing a number on each pebble on the path to the stable.  We have also hung up a traditional Advent calendar with a chocolate coin for our ‘Star of the Day’ every day up until the end of term.








Santa’s House

Our role play corner has been transformed into Santa’s house with an extra addition for the elves’ workshop.  There were lots of very busy elves who helped to decorate Santa’s house to make it warm and cosy and very ‘Christmassy!’ for him.

The elves then made themselves really busy by checking all the Christmas lists and letters that arrived in the workshop from the Nursery boys and girls.  they even made some of the toys themselves.


What a lot of writing, maths, imagining, designing, constructing and finding out about the world and Christmas traditions we have had going on.








How exciting to come to school in the snow especially when you have never seen it in your life before!  The children were really interested in building a snowy world for penguins.  We read the story “Lost and Found” by Oliver Jeffers and watched the beautiful film version.  Then we went on a snowy adventure ourselves around the school grounds which was unfortunately cut short by the school having to be closed because the snow was becoming so deep!

Have a fun weekend in the snow Nursery children!