Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

As we get to know each other, we have been carefully noting what children can do so that we can begin to establish starting points for learning.  This week the children have been showing us what they understand about drawing and writing.  We talked about and drew pictures of ourselves and had a try at writing our names. In the coming weeks we will be supporting the children in developing their pencil grip and in developing their drawing skills.  To be able to hold and control a pencil is underpinned by many stages of development.  Children’s muscles need to work in a co-ordinated way from the large core muscles in their back, pelvis and shoulders which help them to maintain their posture, right down to the small movements in their hands which they use to manipulate the pencil.  Over the coming year in Nursery we will be supporting children in developing these vital steps in their development by encouraging them to move!  We will be running, crawling, rolling, climbing. jumping, riding bikes,  throwing and catching as well as developing hand strength and fine motor control by providing lots of activities which require using our hands and fingers.  There are many opportunities across the Nursery environments, indoors and outside, for mark-making, not only using pens and pencils, but paintbrushes (small and  large), our fingers, sticks, feathers, chalk, paint and water to name but a few!

At home you can help your child by getting moving, encouraging them to be active.   Provide lots of paper and pens for them to make their mark and join in with them – draw small and draw BIG – on left-over rolls of wallpaper, with paint brushes and a bucket of water outdoors, with chalk on the ground, sticks in mud and even on the sand when you visit the beach!  Share your photos of your mark-making masterpieces with us on Tapestry!

Look out for the dates for our “Get writing!”  sessions which will be coming soon to help you support your child!