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A Healthy Week

It has been a very healthy week in Nursery!

Our rhyme of the week has been ‘Miss Polly Had a Dolly’.  The children have enjoyed role playing in our Doctor’s Surgery and Hospital.  Our Nursery surgeons, GPs and nurses have had some very serious accidents and illnesses to treat, including a baby who had fallen out of the swing in the park and had broken her leg.  We are so impressed with how our children are developing such lively imaginations and bringing so many fantastic ideas to their role play.

We have been learning about how we can keep ourselves healthy and look after our bodies.  The children have found out about healthy foods and some that aren’t so healthy through choosing ingredients to make healthy snacks, tasting different fruit and vegetables, cutting and sticking healthy lunch-boxes and using real vegetables to make a healthy meal in our vegetable tray.




Some of the children were so interested in the vegetables that they did some amazing observational drawings.


In our Maths work one group visited NumberLand and found that Number 4 was poorly.  The children decided to make some magic medicine but could only add four spoonfuls, sprinkles,pinches and drops of the ingredients as any more or any less would not help Number 4. What clever counting of actions and so much concentration to get the recipe just right.


The children are learning their rhymes extremely well and using them to help with their storytelling and imaginative play.  Next week our rhymes of the week will be ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ and ‘Polly Put The Kettle On’ and our story will be ‘The Tiger Who Came  to Tea’.