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A Creative Week in Year 1

Children in Year 1 have been busy creating pictures of  ‘The Great Fire of London’.


We have enjoyed being creative in Year 1 this week with children producing a number of pictures based on the ‘Great Fire of London’. The children have used a variety of techniques to create pictures, which have included oil pastels, collage and painting. All children created a fire background using one of these techniques before creating black houses to go on top. The end results looked fantastic and have created an effective display in our classrooms. Children have also started to build their wooden houses today to recreate the ‘Great Fire of London’ on Monday.

This week in maths, Madrid and Paris we have continued to practice their counting, focusing on numbers 0-20. We have used teacher led and child initiated activities to read, write and count these numbers. Children have enjoyed building number towers and representing numbers in a various ways throughout the week. When counting groups of objects, we have been careful to move or cross out each one to ensure that we count all of the objects. Next week we will be moving our counting forward and focussing on numbers 0-30.

In English, we have continued to enjoy the story ‘My Brother’ where we have been writing captions for pictures. We have been using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops in our writing. Next week we will be combining our understanding of both labels and captions to produce a final piece of work based on a family member using the skills that we have learnt.

Children have also began their new science topic this week: ‘animals and Humans’. We started the unit of work off with a cold task by playing ‘Simon says’ to see if the children could point different parts of the body. We then used the children’s current understanding from the cold task to label a human body. Next week, we will be starting to think about animals and how they can be categorised into mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish and insects through practical activities.

In PE children have been developing fundamental agility and co-ordination skills through football. We have been working on accurate passing this week and dribbling the ball around objects. Next week we will be applying these skills to a game situation.