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Year 6 – ‘Morpurgo’ and ‘Carroll’ Blog


Year 6 SAT booster club resumes after the Easter break.

This week in SATs booster club, we looked at the properties of numbers. We focussed on multiples, factors, square numbers and prime numbers as well as cubed numbers and triangular numbers. This was a particularly tricky task, matching the numbers to the two categories that they children had chosen. Charlie worked really hard to complete […]


Year 6 have been problem solving using perimeter, area, volume and surface area.

Year 6 have begun their after school SAT booster club. This week, we have been revising perimeter, area, volume and surface area. We looked at this problem from Gareth Metcalfe’s ‘I see reasoning’. What do you think is the area of the blue section? The children were really engaged in the task; they were able […]


Collaborative learning in year 5

Year 5 have had a great start to the new half term working together in both English and Maths. We have had a fun filled (albeit short) first week back! The children have started their new suspense unit in English. They have worked together to create word banks for key vocabulary and using the suspense […]


Year 6 have been investigating area and perimeter.

This week, in maths, we have been revising our knowledge of area and perimeter. Using two identically sized rectangles, children put them together in different ways and calculated the perimeters and the area. Notice how the two rectangles are connected in different ways. The area stays the same, the perimeter changes. Then we overlapped the […]


Year 6 have been learning about light and colour

This term, year 6 have been learning about light. As a part of this, we have also been learning about the spectrum of colours. After learning about refraction of light, we learned about dispersal. When light disperses, after exiting a prism, the colours within the light, which have different speeds, disperse and the light splits […]


Year 6 have been using strategies to be able to solve multistep problems.

This week in year 6, we have been improving our strategies for tackling maths questions which involve many steps of calculations before we can arrive at the answer. It can be very difficult sometimes to know how to begin to solve a problem. Which way do I need to go first? This week we have broken […]


Year 6 create choropleth maps in geography.

Year 6 have begun their new topic for the Spring term. We are studying Asia, with a special interest in China. We have already found out that we have many misconceptions about China. It is such a huge country; this means that it is very diverse. This week, we looked at the population of China […]


Year 6’s Residential Week in Arthog

Year 6 spent a spectacular week at the Arthog Centre for Outdoor Education last week. We took part in adventurous activities and learned a lot about ourselves.   We found that, in order to succeed, we needed to communicate, be independent and responsible for ourselves, we needed to take care of our groups and be […]


Year 6 ‘Dragons’ Den’ style pitches.

This week in topic, year 6 teams baked their prototypes to take to their ‘Dragons’ Den’ style pitch, to see if they could get funding to cater the Christmas productions this year. On Monday, we all worked feverishly in the dining room, with the help of three wonderfully supportive parents, to make our designs come […]