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Flying High with Gordon in Year 1!

We have been flying high in the sky in Paris and Madrid classes this week.


This week we have been hooked on our new story, ‘Gordon’s Great Escape’ by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. We started our week by sending our very own Gordon of on an adventure of his own. Children have been learning how to spell key words from the story and using their sentence making skills to write up part of the story.


This week in Maths, children have been developing their understanding and skills in subtraction. We have use practical equipment and songs to use key vocabulary in a context, supporting children’s understanding further. Towards the end of the week, children started to record their working out using pictures in their books, some children even got challenge into using number lines.


We have started the very exciting journey towards our Christmas nativity play during our afternoons this week.

Well this week has flown by in Year 1, all children have worked their socks off to achieve their targets.


Year 1 have been learning all about rhyme this week. We started our week by creating a rhyming string on words, looking at why and how some words rhyme and some do not. Children then started to write rhyming sentences, focusing in on where the rhyming words need to be in the sentence. Child initiated activities included:

  • matching rhyming words
  • making a rhyming string of words
  • creating a rhyming flower
  • creating rhyming sentences
  • building rhyming sentences.

It is safe to say all children’s understanding of rhyme has improved this week.


Year 1 have been learning all about addition this week. We have started to show our working out using pictures in our books and some children have been developing their skills by using a number line and drawing their own blank number lines. Children have also been making use of the outside area by using hoops and balls to support their understanding of addition. Child initiated activities included:

  • addition using cheerios
  • counting and writing numbers in the sandpit
  • using QR codes to count and writing numbers
  • ladybird additions
  • creating own calculations by rolling dice.

Children have consolidated their learning through reasoning problems throughout the week. Ensuring they are able to explain and understand the concept of addition.


We have started to find out about Christmas around the world this week. Children have been researching how Father Christmas changes in each country he visits. We have also talked about how we all celebrate Christmas and our family traditions, before then looking at traditions in other countries such as, China, Australia and India.

This week our Year 1 children have been simple wonderful.


Firstly, all children represented our school superbly during our Harvest Morning. We would like to once again thank all parents/grandparents who came to our harvest morning. We do hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, we also hope children shared their cookies with you when they got home.


Children have started their new unit of work all based on ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ in English this week. We started off our work by watching a video of this traditional tale. We then set off to describe the characters, role play the tale and make Grandma some tasty play dough treats for Little Red Riding Hood to take. Teacher groups have been focusing on writing accurate sentences this week, looking in detail at finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.


Children were challenged to show that they know what a digit means in Maths this week. They have written, read and counted out numbers from 0-40. Children have worked on independent activities to show exactly what they know about numbers using numicon, pictures, dominoes and deans to support their learning. Next week, we will start our first Rising Stars assessments.

Our afternoons have been very exciting this week, from finding out about our chosen topics to icing our biscuits made during our harvest morning.

Book share

Thank you to all parents and older siblings who gave up a little time this morning to come into class and share a book with the children. The children loved seeing parents on the beanbags in the book corner, this was a lovely way to start our Friday.

Children in Key Stage One have become builder’s and designers this week.


Each child designed their own London house from 1666, following the design making process to plan, make and evaluate their house’s.

Through their research they found out that ‘The Great Fire of London‘ started in Thomas Farynor’s bakery on Pudding Lane. Children used this information to support their designs.

Once designs have been made, children will work together to recreate Pudding Lane from 1666. We will then experience our own Great Fire of London.


Well this week has flown by in Paris and Madrid classes.

All children have worked extremely hard and have impressed myself, Miss Vaughan and Mrs Wynn. They each have a fantastic attitude to their learning, which has shone through during lessons this week.

Throughout English this week children have learnt to use labels to describe a picture. Next week, we will be moving on to writing captions for a variety of images. Children will be learning to use finger spaces, capital letter and full stops in their captions as well as using their sounds to support their spelling.

During Maths this week children have been learning how to show the value of a number and what a number means. Next week, we will be continuing this focus and building upon our understanding of numbers, resulting in a challenge on Friday.

In Topic this week children have been finding out all types of interesting facts about the ‘Great Fire of London’ and how Samuel Pepys story is linked to it. One challenge was to order the events of this historic events and talk about how people would have felt during this time. Today we have all designed our own wooden house to make. Next week,  children will be building their wooden houses from 1666, and re-creating Pudding Lane ready to re-enact the ‘Great Fire of London’ next Friday.


Wow, that is the one word to describe our first week in Paris and Madrid classes for this academic year.

Myself and Miss Vaughan have been balled over by children’s manners and attitude to starting a new class. We are so proud of each member of Year 1 and can not wait to challenge their learning further.

This week in English we will be learning how to write labels and captions, using ‘My Brother’ by Anthony Browne as our stimulus. Children will bring pictures in of themselves to label in their guided writing sessions. They will also be using our outside learning environment to work with partners and label each other using chalk on the playground.

This week in Maths we will be learning all about our numbers 0-50. Children will be reading, writing and counting numbers and objects, both practically and using pictures.

This week in Topic we have started to work alongside Year 2. Children will be researching the historic event, ‘The Fire of London’. They will be developing their skills ready to take off into their own investigative work of their choice.

Forest school

Paris class will be attending Forest School on the 14/09/2017, 21/09/2017 and 28/09/2017. Children will need to arrive in school in their uniform and will change just before lunchtime. Madrid class will be attending Forest school on the 5/10/2017, 12/10/2017 and 19/10/2017, we will send out reminders nearer the time.


Year 1 children will be swimming every Wednesday morning. All children need to bring their swimming kits in a named bag with: swimming shorts or swimming costume (one piece), towel, goggles and a swimming hat. Parents need to remove children’s earrings for Wednesdays ready for swimming.


Year 1 children will have PE every Thursday. Children all need a PE t-shirt, blue shorts, white/grey socks and outdoor trainers/pumps (Old school jumpers can be used as outdoor PE jumpers).


In Year 1 we ask every child to complete a weekly spelling, maths and reading homework. This will be handed out on a Monday and collected in on the following Friday.

Home reading books – Children will each have two reading books to take home. It is expected that children read at home at least three times a week. We would like this to be recorded in their home reading record, which will be checked alongside homework.

If anyone does have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see us.

Mrs Davies and Miss Vaughan


Three weeks ago Years 1 to Year 6 were set a challenge, they were entering the schools first ever Spelling Bee Competition. Since then competitors had been busy learning their spelling lists at home. After having a couple of weeks to learn their spellings children then entered themselves into the Year group heats. Teachers carried out the heats in their classrooms and managed to whittle the number of competitors down to four finalists who would go head to head in the Grand Finale on Thursday 6th July (today).

The Spelling Bee Final came around so quickly, the four finalists from each Year group were given a week to learn another list of words which linked to their focus book and to their Year expectations.

All contestants went above and beyond to learn their spellings and set the bar extremely high. Many Year groups reached the quick fire round where children were challenged to spell blind words.

The Year group winners were as follows:

Year 1: Ruby Williams
Year 2: India Hibbott
Year 3: Lillie-May Piggott
Year 4: Sophie Pugh
Year 5: Josh Martin
Year 6: Charlotte Rogers

Each winner received a Spelling Bee trophy and a medal, second place received a medal and third and fourth places received a certificate of congratulations. All children who participated throughout the heats will be receiving a newly designed Spelling Bee bookmark.

We would like to say thank you again to all children who entered the Spelling Bee and a special thanks to parents and supporters who have helped children learn their spellings to such a high standard.

Miss Evans, Miss Massey and Mrs Mort


We have had a full on busy but fantastic week in Year 1.

Our week started with an amazing assembly on Monday from Mad Science. ‘Test tube’ Tess visited us and wowed us with her science knowledge. She showed us how flash paper disappears in a flame, children we also able to have a go at making smoke circles using an ‘airzooka’. Children all took home a leaflet from Mad Science about a holiday club at Ellesmere College in the Summer holidays.

In Year 1 Maths this week, children have been learning about turns (including whole, half, quarter and three quarter turns). As an extra challenge, children were asked to show turns using clockwise and anticlockwise movements. In child initiated activities children solve calculations, time problems and fraction questions, they also made pictures of 2D shapes using anything they could find in our outside area.

In Year 1 English this week, children have been practicing their handwriting skills. A main focus as we start our transition into Year 2 is to ensure all children have accurate letter formation. We have even challenged some children to begin to join their letters. Some children used the sandpit, while others used handwriting paper.

In Year 1 PE this week children started to apply their striking and fielding skills into game situations. Children worked in groups of four to develop their very own point scoring game, using a hoop, a tennis racket and a ball. Myself and Miss Vaughan then chose our favourite games for children to explain and present to the class.

Next week we are looking forward to starting our work on Prince and Princesses, researching castles and finding out who use to live there.

Today Year 1’s have been back in time, we have visited the historic Chirk Castle.

Paris and Madrid Classes went back in time today when they went to explore Chirk Castle and its gardens. Children learnt all about when the Castle was built and why it was built on the Welsh-English border.

Children explored the Castle rooms, we found the Dungeons, Adams room, the servants hall, the Chapel, the Armoury, the Dining room, the Drawing room, the ball room, the library, the bedroom and the bathroom. While we were in the bathroom children started to notice that there was something missing…”Where is the toilet?”

We didn’t only explore the Castle it’s self but we also ventured into the Castle gardens, we were amazed at how many wonderful plants and trees there were. While we were on our expedition Anna decided she wanted to find out if all flowers were scented. We all started to smell a variety of flowers to help inform Anna’s answer. During our exploring we settled down to design our very own Castle gardens. We thought about the statues and flowers we would include to make our garden grand.

Everyone had a wonderful day, all children were fantastic role models for Ellesmere Primary.

Next week we will be using ICT to find out more about Chirk Castle and it’s history.



We have been on an exciting adventure of Buckingham Palace from the comfort of our own school hall with the help of Google Expeditions.

On Wednesday 17th May 2017 Google Expeditions came into school to take children on an adventure. Year 1 children were lucky enough to be able to take an interactive tour of one of the most famous buildings in Great Britain, Buckingham Palace.

On our tour of Buckingham Palace we visited the Throne Room, The Grand Entrance, The Green Room, The Picture Gallery  and The Court Yard. In each room children we given the task of finding specific items which drew their attention to the importance of each room in Buckingham Palace.

Our tour was a fantastic hook into our new topic of Prince and Princesses. Paris and Madrid classes will be choosing what they would like to learn about Prince, Princesses and the Royal Family. So watch this space to find out exactly what we will be learning about and how.

To see how you could make experiences come to life follow, the link below: