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This week we have continued to discover the work of different artists and created our own versions of the artwork. We have been using a variety of techniques to create our amazing pictures!

In Maths this week we have recapped work on multiplication using arrays. Through child initiated learning children have continued to read and tell the time using tuff tray clocks, solved multiplication questions using arrays and solved mastery problems by finding all the ways to make a number using the four operations. Next week we will be learning all about the inverse to solve missing number problems.

In English we have continued our work on conjunctions. We have been adding conjunctions into sentences from the story ‘The Queen’s Orangutan’ by David Walliams. Next week the children will be writing their own version of the story with the focus remaining on conjunctions. Children will be challenged to use the following conjunctions in their work: and, but, so. We have lots of fabulous ideas already for our stories including ‘The Queen’s Dinosaur’ and ‘The Queen’s Elephant’.

We have started a new unit of work in Science this week on plants. To start our unit off we have been labelling the different parts of trees and plants. We have also been discussing what a plant needs to enable to grow it well. Next week we will be going outside to explore the different plants and trees that we have at our school.

In PE we have been focussing on the field events which children will be competing in on sports day. These have included javelin, target throw, standing long jump and shot put. Children have been working on skill technique and accuracy for these events. Next week will be our last PE sessions before sports day.

This week in English we started a new book ‘The Queen’s Orangutan’ by David Walliams. We have loved hearing all about the orangutans naughty adventures in the palace and destruction that he caused!

As part of the unit of work we have been focusing on how to use conjunctions to join two sentences together. Children have been using if, but and so. They have all thought of their own animal for the Queen to have and what that animal will do to help her. They will be continuing with their stories next week.

In Maths we have been learning to tell the time using o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We have been working really practically to show the time as well as telling the times on clocks in Maths books. Please can you continue to support you child with telling the time at home to further embed what they have already learnt. Next week we will be going back to multiplication and solving multiplications using arrays.

We have also started a new unit of topic work on artists. As a year group the children decided that they would like to do some work on different artists and techniques. We have looked at the work by Vincent Van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, Georges Seurat and Pablo Picaso.

In PE we have been learning all about techniques for running, running in lanes and looking forwards. Next week we are going to be starting field event which include long jump, sitting ball throw, javelin and standing high jump. Don’t forget sports day is on Monday 21st May at 9:30am.


We have had a very busy week in Year 1 this week from cricket taster sessions, spelling bees and maths workshops!

In Maths this week, we have been working on finding fractions of shapes and fractions of an amount. Children have been using division and sharing to solve these number sentences. Through child initiated learning children have been solving addition and subtraction number sentences on number lines, continued repeated patterns and sorted fractions of shapes into half and quarter. Next week we will be starting a new unit of work on time.

In English we have continued with our recount writing based on the Easter holidays. Children have used their plans to create a final piece of work. Next week we will be moving onto a new piece of work based on the story ‘The Queen’s Orangutan’ by David Walliams. The focus will be joining sentences using conjunctions.

We have also completed our science unit of work on materials this week. We finished the unit by carrying out an investigation to find the best material for an umbrella. Our next science unit will be on plants. Hopefully we will be able to get outside and explore our outside area as well as grow some of our own plants.

A big congratulations to all children that took part in the spelling bee competition over the past two weeks, we have lots of fantastic spellers in Year 1!

To end our busy week following the trip on Tuesday, Madrid and Paris class were shocked to find some surprise visitors in their outdoor area!

The three lambs escaped Mrs Davies farm to come and spend a day with us in class. We learnt all about how to look after them, how to bottle feed them and how to make sure we kept them safe for the day. They also enjoyed doing some den building with us as part of our ‘Good to be Green’ celebrations this afternoon. A lovely way to end the spring term!

On Tuesday we ended our spring term with a wonderful trip to Llandudno where children flew kits and explored a contrasting location to our own.

Before going to Llandudno on Monday, all children designed and made their own sandwiches as part of their DT unit of work. Children had to choose if they would like white or brown bread and had to choose a filling for their sandwich. Children also made their own kites using a plastic bag to fly on the beach. We had a lovely day at the seaside and the sun even came out! During assembly we have been learning the song ‘Let’s go fly a kite’ from Mary Poppins to sing on the beach. The children flew their kites whilst singing the song.


We have had a wonderful day fundraising for sports relief today. We had a number of different sports stars ranging from gymnasts and footballer to horse riders and golfers. We also competed in our spring inter-house competition where we played handball. Thank you all for your support for Sports Relief.

This week in Maths we have learning about whole, half and quarter turns. We have played lots of games to help us learn about turns. Through child initiated learning children have continued to reinforce and develop current skills. We have solved division questions using sweets, created arrays with Cheerios to solve multiplication questions and solved Easter egg problems using addition and subtraction.

In English we have had our last week of work on the short film ‘Soar’. Children have wrote their own version of the story throughout the week. We have seen so many creative ideas and imaginative stories. Through child initiated learning children have created character descriptions, setting descriptions, comic strips and acted out their stories.

This afternoon we started to make Kites as part of our DT unit of work to take to a Llandudno. We have also designed our sandwiches which we are going to make on Monday afternoon.

Children came into school today dressed as a character from one of their favourite books. It was lovely to see the range of costumes from Robin Hood to Fantastic Mr Fox. A fantastic effort with your costumes Year 1, well done!

As part of our world book day celebrations, children had the opportunity to choose a book to go and listen to being read. We then had an assembly where Mr Roberts read one of his favourite books to the children. It was also a great opportunity to see all the rest of the brilliant costumes in school. Throughout the day we have been sharing our books and listening to numerous stories.

In Maths this week we have continued to work on division. All children have made really good progress with their understanding of division and they are now able to solve division questions based on dividing by 2,5 and 10. Next week we will be moving onto money and counting amounts.

In English we have started a new unit of work based on the short film ‘Soar’ Soar is a lovely short film with lots of different settings and feelings. This week we have been working on how to write an opening for the film. We have discussed how we would not use ‘once upon a time’ as an opening as it is not a fairy tale. Instead we have been using openings such as ‘one beautiful summers morning’. Through child initiated learning we have been creating comic strips, making paper aeroplanes and writing instructions and creating character descriptions. We will be continuing with the short film ‘Soar’ next week.

In Science we have started a new unit of work on materials. We have discussed how objects are made out of different materials and how certain materials would not be used to make certain items. Next week we will be moving onto identifying the properties of these materials.

In PE we managed to go outside and start new sporting activities. This term we will be continuing with rugby and we have also started tennis and athletics. In athletics we worked on the skill of target throwing and speed bounce. In tennis we have started with balancing the ball on the tennis racket.

Year 1 have been reporters this week, reporting on an incident carried out by a terrifying wolf!

In English children have been writing newspaper reports based on the fairy tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Children have been challenged to use a range of punctuation and adjectives in their writing. The newspaper article appealed for information about an incident which happened at Grandmas house. After half term we will be starting a poetry unit of work based on a poem by Ian Bland.

In Maths we have been continuing to learn about multiplication. We have been using arrays to solve a range of problems. In Clic Maths we have been learning our 2 and 10 x tables through songs and practical methods. We have also bee looking at months of the year and number bonds to 20. Our next unit work will be based on division and providing children with the methods to solve division questions.

On Thursday afternoon we enjoyed a wonderful Key Stage 1 open afternoon. It was fantastic to see all the hard work that had been put into the projects. It was also really interesting to see the numerous ways the project had been completed from sculptures, booklets and posters.

We have ended our week with a lovely afternoon celebrating good behaviour with our ‘good to be green’ afternoon. We have had a big game of hide and seek with all of year 1 followed by  a film and party food.


Well done to our fantastic Year 2 gym team who won the KeyStage 1 gymnastics event at The Marches this afternoon.

All children performed a vault and floor routine. The team havebeen working extremely hard during lunch time over the past termto prepare for the competitions. All children knew both routines offby heart, well done to you all!

On the floor and vault children were given either a gold, silver orbronze certificate for their performance. These certificates alsocounted as points towards the final result.

The team received the following certificates:

Gold: Lottie, Ruby Williams, May, Ellie and Elysia
Silver: Abbie, Ruby Willis, Esther, Anna, Summer, Luke and Megan

Gold: Lottie, Abbie, May, Ruby Williams, Ruby Willis, Ellie, Meganand Elysia
Silver: Esther, Anna, Summer, and Luke

Well done to you all, we are very proud of you!

Children in Year 1 have enjoyed a wonderful poetry assembly and workshop with poet Ian Bland this week.

In the assembly children joined in with poems read to them by Ian Bland. Children performed the actions to go with the poems and the teachers all played star roles. The children loved the poems that were read to them and the chance to perform them with Ian. In the workshop children created their own poems as a group. The poems involved the children thinking of a movement and a part of the body they did the movement with. For example ‘wiggle wiggle with your thumbs, jump jump with your feet’. After the workshop Ian put all the ideas together in one poem and the children performed it to the rest of key stage 1. We are looking forward to using the ideas from the workshop in our unit of work on poetry after half term.

In English children have been writing a newspaper report about the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. In the newspaper report children were challenged to write using descriptive sentences. During child initiated learning children have been reading fairy takes and writing book reviews, writing adjectives around character pictures, write a newspaper report for the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and wrote their own fairy tales. Children will be continuing with their newspaper reports.

In Maths children have continued to solve multiplication questions by using arrays. Questions have been based on 2, 5 and 10 times table. During child initiated learning in maths, children have continued to solve addition and subtraction questions, answer multiplication questions independently, measure the weight and length of objects on the measuring table and read, write and count numbers to 100. Next week children will be using their understanding of multiplication to solve problems.