Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Plant a Tree for the Jubilee

🌳🌿As part of the Platinum Jubilee we are planting several trees around school which have kindly been donated by Ellesmere Town Council. These trees will be registered to form part of the The Queen’s Green Canopy – an initiative to encourage people to ‘plant a tree for the Jubilee’. 🌿🌳

We are continuing our “Roots and Shoots” theme and the Nursery children have been excited to see their potatoes and seeds starting to sprout this week.  Our beans have germinated really well and the children are hoping for a really tall beanstalk to appear!  In our Maths sessions all of the children have practised being “Super Subitisers” and we have used these skills in lots of our gardening and planting activities.  We have also started learning our first phonemes and graphemes in our Read Write Inc phonics programme.   Our swimming sessions continue to create much excitement and we have been really proud of the children for whom this has been a very new experience.  We have to say a huge thank you to the swimming teaching team who have made these sessions a calm and enjoyable experience for the children.

In Reception we have continued our focus on Spring and have spent lots of time outdoors! We have read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books linking to Spring, as well as other versions of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We discovered so many signs of Spring this week in Forest School. I wonder if any of our Reception children will enjoy a Spring Walk this weekend?

This week in Potter class the children have explored the outdoor area. We have searched for evergreen and deciduous trees and looked closely at the leaves to help us to classify them. Children have become scientists and thought of their own way of classifying the leaves based on their observations. Children have also extracted seeds from a variety of fruits and planted them in our allotment. 

It has been a short but busy week. We have looked at the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and written a careful description of the giant warning people to watch out for him. Quinn has been chosen as Star of the Week as her description was so good.

We have been continuing our ‘ fair test investigations’ this time trying to find out if plants need leaves to grow.

This week we have continued to learn about Forces and Magnets. This week we have used magnets to investigate magnetic and non-magnetic materials. Near the end of the week, we conducted another investigation on which magnet was the strongest by using paper clips! We have continued our work on the Iron Man and have begun planning our class story before we invent our own threat narrative story.

This week in Year 4, we have been constructing a simple series electrical circuit and using all the correct terminology to identify the key parts. We have been very impressed with the way the children have derived their own questions based on this. Next week, we will be using different scientific enquiries to answer these questions! We have also looked at how sounds are made and how they travel to your ear. The children have also started to plan their warning narrative based on the dangers of electricity. We have been impressed with their knowledge on Electricity safety and applying this in a creative manner. Well done Year 4!

This week Year 5 have continued with their understanding of forces, linked to our mini mission about the Titanic! We used our findings from last week to plan and carry out further buoyancy investigations and understand what makes objects buoyant. Some of the theories included ‘Are all objects with an air pocket buoyant?’ ‘Does a bigger volume of water make more objects buoyant?’. All groups wrote up their full investigations and shared their findings using scientific vocabulary. On Wednesday we started investigating friction and which material had the most friction to slow a rolling marble. The children will use their findings next week to conduct their own enquiries into materials that have the most friction involving their shoes! 

Carroll class were really happy to be back in the forest this week! Not only did they have fun, but also they demonstrated the importance of taking time to learn outside of the classroom, especially whilst immersing themselves in nature. After working so hard towards SATs week, it was great that they had the opportunity to take control of their own time and choose their own tasks.

We have been considering the influence of Ancient Greece on areas of our modern day lives. We have had a particular focus on entertainment and theatre. We have been researching different theatre masks that were used to perform. The children have done some fantastic sketches based on different elaborate masks and next week we’ll be making our own masks using a material we have never used before – modroc! Keep your eyes peeled.