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A week full of mindfulness in year 5.

Year 5 celebrated well being week with a host of activities.

This week we focused on our well being and how to be mindful. We all took part in several activities to allow us the opportunity to be mindful. We participated in mindful breathing exercises, looked at random acts of kindness and our gifts and qualities.

We discussed the importance of being kind to others inside and outside of school.

Year 5 have had a great start to the new half term working together in both English and Maths.

We have had a fun filled (albeit short) first week back! The children have started their new suspense unit in English. They have worked together to create word banks for key vocabulary and using the suspense techniques in different sentences. The children are very excited about their upcoming movie trailers!

In Maths we have been using our problem solving skills to investigate prime, square and cube numbers.

Our topic work is focusing on individual countries in South America, this week we focused on Argentina. We have learnt lots about the Falklands war, Diego Maradona and his ‘hand of god’ goal and Miss Stone has taught Istanbul some Spanish phrases.


Year 5 began their exciting persuasion topic by orally delivering their persuasive techniques.

Using Oliver Jeffer’s picture book, The Great Paper Caper, year 5 took to their own court room, complete with judge, jury, prosecution and defence. The children put the bear on trial and tried to persuade the jury to either send him to jail or let him go free!

The children also used their powers of persuasion to sell every day objects to the rest of the class. Who knew there were so many wonderful uses for a ruler!!!

This week in year 5 we have looked at the important role Boudicca had in our history.

We have studied fact files to find further information about Boudicca, we have taken part in a role play where we acted out the roles of Boudicca and her daughters and we also created our own speeches to rally our Iceni tribe to fight against the Romans.

The children put a great deal of thought into their speeches and performed them in front of the Iceni tribe (the class) where they received cheers and cries to join Boudicca in her fight! After hearing the speeches I was ready to join myself!

In our computing lesson this week we have been looking at the app Aurasma.

Year 5 have been investigating how to use the app Aurasma. Aurasma uses augmented reality, we have had the chance to look at virtual reality and now this is a slightly different concept. The children had the chance to add videos to still images and to see how it works before they start incorporating it into their English work.

This half term, the children have used purple mash to produce concept maps to help them to plan out their work. We will be moving on to coding after the October half term break.

On Friday year 5 used their knowledge of pulleys to help aid the farmers of Nepal.

In our science lesson this week, year 5 took part in a challenge to create a way of transporting tomatoes down a mountian. They had to create a controlled way of transporting the tomatoes and they were not allowed to touch them, catapult or roll them. The children took their inspiration from the farmers of Nepal who struggle to transport tomatoes down the mountain side to transport them across the river.

This stem activity encouraged the children to think scientifically and work as a team. Each member had a role to play and they combined all of their knowledge to ensure they were successful in the task. The winning team was the group who transported the most tomatoes in the shortest amount of time.

Tesco food tasting visit!

Today, year 5 had the opportunity to visit Tesco to inform their food technology project on salads. The children had the chance to look at different salads that are on sale in the store and then to actually taste some of the ingredients. The children like some more than others, olives were not a big hit!

The children were shocked to discover that some fruits were in fact vegetables. It’s all about the seeds!

We look forward to using all of the information we learned today in our upcoming project.

New topic!

This week in year 5 we began our journey into the history of medicine, first stop was Ancient Egypt!

Archaeologists for the day

We became archaeologists for the day and excavated tombs. The children were looking at artefacts. They studied photos of the gods and famous physicians. They looked at the process of mummification and even mummified their own Pharaoh (apple). In the afternoon, the children were whisked off to Ancient Greece. They studied Aristotle and Hippokrates and their contribution to medicine. The children used their presentation skills to create informative posters and powerpoints.