Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Kingswood outdoor adventures

Last Monday the Year 2’s went to Kingswood Outdoor  Centre in Staffordshire.
They took part in various outdoor activities including the zipwire, climbing, an obstacle course, the nightline
(where the children were blindfolded and had to help each other around a course), shelter-building and orienteering. They also stayed over night and had great fun with their friends in the dorms.It was a brilliant two days and the children gained many skills and showed great independence and team work. We were proud of them.

On Friday we celebrated World Book Day.



Everybody made a fantastic effort to dress up and we had a great range of costumes from Mary Poppins to Dennis The Menace!

The children engaged in a range of activities to celebrate the day including choosing a story time book and sharing their own favourite book.

We have also held reading workshops for parents this week helping parents to understand the types of comprehension questions the children answer after reading a text. We used Canine characters to help illustrate this eg Victor Vocabulary, Rex Retriever, Suki Sequencing, Iggy Inference and Pippa Prediction.

This week  we are starting a new unit of English, based on the stories of Anthony Browne, especially his story Little Beauty.


The children have been learning about the different sports in the Winter Olympics. They researched on line then read information about each sport and decided which one they wanted to make an information poster about.

We watched the opening ceremony  parade and spotted European flags to fit in with our Europe topic.

This week the children will be planning a new version of the story Where The Wild Things Are’.

The character Max will sail to a new island and meet new wild things. Today the children used a computer programme called Build Your Wild Self  http://www.buildyourwildself.com/  to create their new Wild Thing. The results are very funny!





We don’t mean the run up to the Christmas play although that can be a rumpus too!

This week Year 2 children have been adding in text to the pages of the story that just show illustrations.

They looked at the ‘rumpus’ pictures of Where The Wild Things Are and added verbs and adjectives to describe the party.

We have also been drawing our own number lines to solve addition.

In addition we have cast the parts of the Christmas play ‘Christmas with the aliens’ and the children are getting very excited.

This week we are reading the book Poles Apart in guided reading . It is the story of Walrus who lives at the South Pole and Penguin who lives at the North Pole and they decide to surprise each other with a visit. It tells the story of the places in the world they visit and how they eventually meet up. We will be looking at the use of capital letters for names of people and places. This also fits in with our maths last week when we looked at the points of the compass.

In Maths this week we will be learning the time and reading the clock at O’clock times, half past, quarter to and past and twenty five to and past the hour.

Children have now come to the end of the topic unit. On Monday, children will be given the opportunity to chose a new topic based around Christmas. We have decided to link our topic work with our Christmas play this term. Next week our Christmas play will be revealed, we are very excited!

In PE children are going to working on three different sports each week. The sports this term are rugby, netball and gymnastics. Children will be learning skills within these sports and applying them to a game situation.


Welcome back after the half term break.

Year 2 started the week with looking at position, direction and movement. We consolidated our knowledge of left and right and gave each other directions to reach a certain place in the classroom using the words: forwards, backwards, turn, left, right and steps. We will also be learning clockwise and anti-clockwise, quarter, half and three quarter turns and the compass points. Today we gave directions around a treasure map.

We also looked at the front cover of our new book Where The Wild Things Are and made a prediction as to what might happen in the book.

File:Where The Wild Things Are (book) cover.jpg

In Year 2 this week we have been looking at verbs, nouns and adjectives in English and 2D and  3d shapes in Maths.


We read a poem called Hector  the Collector and identified all the nouns and adjectives within the poem. Then we  read a poem called Playground Rap and highlighted all the verbs. We then identified other verbs by watching Ks2 children at playtime. This helped us to write our own poems called Playground Rap. Here are Ollie, Daniel and Charlie acting out their playground rap poems.

We have also studied 3D shapes this week looking at faces, edges and vertices. Here is Sam counting the edges of a cuboid.

Last week in history the children looked at photographs of artefacts from the Great Fire of London such as a burnt tile, a leather bucket and a fire fighter’s helmet from the time of the fire. The children looked closely and had a good discussion about the artefacts. Then they designed their own wooden house ready to make on Monday afternoon to make a replica pudding Lane!

In Maths we have been learning about the more than and less than symbols.  The children chose numbers and wrote number sentences with the symbols. They used white board pens and wrote the number sentences on the table! They really enjoyed it.



What a lovely week we had last week on our  first week back  at school! All the children look so smart in their new uniforms, the classrooms have brand new carpets and we have enjoyed working in our new, custom made Ellesmere Primary School books.

Year 2’s have shown great independence and are working really hard. We learnt how to partition number into tens and units in several different ways and have been focusing on adjectives in English to describe the boy in the animation of The Way Back Home.


We have also started our topic on The Great Fire of London.

Children in Athens are loving having lockers to keep their belongings  in and they each have their photo on their locker.

A reminder that P.E is on Thursdays and swimming is on Fridays. Book change is on Tuesdays. Homework will be set on Wednesdays and needs to be returned to school by the following Tuesday.

Well done on a great start, Year 2’s.