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End of Madagascar topic in Year 3!

Year 3 enjoy finishing their child-led topic work. They all worked hard to plan, research and create their own projects.

At the start of the term, the children thought about which area of Madagascar they were interested in. They then planned and researched their area of interest, before making a start on collecting equipment and making prototypes.


Many of the children chose to focus on the animals found on the island of Madagascar. They painted cardboard to make the habitat and then used clay to make models of their chosen animal including turtles, fossas and lemurs.


Three of the children decided to work on their sewing and textile skills to make a lemur costume. They cut out their material and then sewed the edges to make a tunic. Once stitched, they painted the costume black and added a tail and mask!


A couple of the girls wanted to create information and chose to make posters or booklets. Nearly all of their work was independent and worked incredibly hard, also choosing to do extra work at home. Once all the projects were made, we showed off our creations with each other and talked about the skills we used.

All the children have thoroughly enjoyed focusing on Madagascar this term and are looking forward to studying the Vikings next term.

Year 3 have been enjoying the study of plants for their Science topic this half term.

Last week we planned a fair investigation to find out about water transportation through a plant. We made predictions, collected our equipment and in groups placed celery and white carnations in water with food colouring. Some of the children predicted that the plants would die because the water wasn’t ‘clean’. Others predicted that the plant may change colour when the water gets transported inside.

After leaving the plants for a few days in the sunlight, we cut into the flower and celery to see what had happened. We realised that the plants had transported the water up through and into the flower! The small thin tubes or veins had sucked up the water like a straw inside the celery.

The children were able to write a conclusion about their findings and compare to their original predictions. We are looking forward to our next Science topic of ‘light’.

Year 3 recently braved the cold and snow on a visit to Hoo Farm as part of their Madagascar topic.

We went to see a range of African and Madagascan animals and were even lucky enough to stroke a little Tenrec! He was fully grown and looked like a hedgehog yet we found out that they are closer in relation to an elephant! The children were also able to see ring-tailed lemurs and white and black ruffed lemurs which are our favourite Madagascan animals!

Before lunch, all of the children were able to feed the ostrich and emus with the park ranger. The ostrich was really tall and reached far over the fence for his food!

Although the weather wasn’t ideal, the children’s behaviour was fantastic and they all enjoyed their day. Once we got back to school we wrote a recount of our day and will create non-chronological reports about lemurs in topic lessons.

After our recent Bar Modelling staff training, Year 3 children have been using the bar model as a method in Maths over the last few weeks.


We introduced the concept of using bars to represent amounts and even help us to solve problems by clearly showing what we need to do. The children began by using the bar model to show bonds to 10, 20 and eventually 100.

Some children then used the bar model to 10 to apply to fractions and tenths. They created fraction sentences to make a whole using her bar model which allowed them to make links.

Eventually we moved on to using the bar model to make sense of word problems before using the expanded column to answer them. The children were able to work in mixed pairs to use the bar model with their problem solving and understood how this method is really useful.


A win for Magellan at our half termly house sport tournament!

Year 3 gathered together to play dodgeball for the House Sport tournament his half term. We played lots of matches and each house won points for a win, draw or loss.

Each house displayed teamwork and great skill to dodge and weave the balls! We had recently bought a set of new dodgeballs and the children found them much easier to throw and catch. They enjoyed playing against their friends and we all cheered for the winners.


We are already looking forward to the next House Sport tournament next half term!

Brisbane and Sydney show off their many talents with fantastic extreme reading photos!


Year 3 are leading the way in extreme reading this week with many fantastic photos being sent it! The children have been enjoying choosing their favourite book and getting into all sorts of positions and places to read. This has sparked conversations about their chosen book and author, with us starting our new ‘Book Swap’ station in class too where the children can bring in and swap books they have read and enjoyed.

Here we have Orielle in the sink reading The Famous Five by Enid Blyton!

Miley has been enjoying the Rainbow Magic series by Daisy Meadows. I think they should release a new book called ‘Miley the Gymnastic Fairy’!

Jim took his reading to the extreme by visiting the park at night with his head torch! Balancing on a bridge, he settled into his book and enjoyed telling us all about his evening adventure.

We also have Morgan who was ‘reading underwater’ using his fish tank! A super idea.

We can’t wait to see more extreme reading photos and to get our book swap up and running in both classes.

Hockey team win second place!

On Wednesday 15th October we took a team of Year 5/6 girls and boys to play a hockey tournament at The Marches School in Oswestry.

Congratulations to the team of Flick, Imogen, Zac, Riva, Chloe and Owen this afternoon who came second in the second round of group stages! We beat our record from last year and scored great goals.

All the children worked hard and worked well as a team, planning and using tactics to win their games. They showed initiative on the pitch to help each other out and considered where their team mates needed support.

A great afternoon of hockey and I’m looking forward to the second tournament next week.

Miss Wilcox and Mr Pasco

Over the last couple of weeks the Year 3 children have been working on their multiplication and division skills.

We have been working on deepening our understanding of multiplicative reasoning through problem solving situations and word problems. This week we read through worded problems and thought about which operation they were asking us to do: multiply or divide.

We underlined important words then marked each word problem with the correct operation. We then cut them and made two separate piles, then used our new methods to answer them. We are working hard on 2 digit multiplication and dividing on a number line using chunking.

We are continuing to work on or reasoning of maths concepts through different problem solving opportunities.

Year 3 children travel back to WW2 at Cosford as part of their new topic.

Brisbane and Sydney recently spent the day at RAF Cosford museum as enrichment for their new topic. We visited the different hangers and exhibitions on the look out for Spitfires and Messerschmitt that were the aircraft used during the Battle of Britain.

We went into a WW2 classroom and experienced an air raid alarm where we all had to go out into the air raid shelter and wait for the all clear siren! Elizabeth and Max tried on the Air Raid Warden hats and badges, telling us all to turn out our lights so the overhead planes couldn’t see us! Harry also tried on a replica gas mask that some children would wear for up to 4 hours during their time at school.

When looking around the last hanger, Geoff came to talk to us in more detail about the RAF planes and German Luftwaffe, he even showed us bullets from the guns on board the different planes. We heard how the Spitfire was faster than a Messerschmitt, yet the Spitfire guns didn’t do as much damage.

We had a fantastic day and the children represented the school brilliantly.

Year 3 have been busy doing the finishing touches to their stone age projects in preparation for open afternoon.


The children have been busy adding final touches to their projects such as moulding, painting and decorating. Here we see Ruby being measured for her Stone Age costume that she has begun sewing!

Some of the children were adding touches to their clay moulds – Gracie created her cave shape and let it dry so she could paint it.

We are holding our curriculum open afternoon on Thursday from 2:30pm onwards. We are excited to show the parents all of the children’s hard work including their project, the planning and instructions they have written to go alongside.