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Magnificent Magnets

This week we have continued to learn about Forces and Magnets. This week we have used magnets to investigate magnetic and non-magnetic materials. Near the end of the week, we conducted another investigation on which magnet was the strongest by using paper clips! We have continued our work on the Iron Man and have begun […]


Electrifying Learning

This week in Year 4, we have been constructing a simple series electrical circuit and using all the correct terminology to identify the key parts. We have been very impressed with the way the children have derived their own questions based on this. Next week, we will be using different scientific enquiries to answer these […]


Fantastic Forces

This week Year 5 have continued with their understanding of forces, linked to our mini mission about the Titanic! We used our findings from last week to plan and carry out further buoyancy investigations and understand what makes objects buoyant. Some of the theories included ‘Are all objects with an air pocket buoyant?’ ‘Does a […]


Back to the Forest

Carroll class were really happy to be back in the forest this week! Not only did they have fun, but also they demonstrated the importance of taking time to learn outside of the classroom, especially whilst immersing themselves in nature. After working so hard towards SATs week, it was great that they had the opportunity […]


Who’s that behind the mask!

We have been considering the influence of Ancient Greece on areas of our modern day lives. We have had a particular focus on entertainment and theatre. We have been researching different theatre masks that were used to perform. The children have done some fantastic sketches based on different elaborate masks and next week we’ll be […]


Liverpool World Museum

Year 3 had the exciting opportunity to visit the Liverpool World Museum, the children behaved impeccably and were engaged throughout. The children took part in a workshop to consolidate their learning about the Stone Age and they visited the fascinating Ancient Egyptian display, the children were amazed to see real mummies!!!


Happy Pancake Day!

Nursery have been busy making some delicious pancakes topped with cream, fruit, syrup, lemon and lots of other tasty ingredients. How do you eat yours?!


Solid, Liquid, Gas….Lets Eat Our Ice Cream Fast!

In Year 4 we have been making ice cream as part of our DT unit linked to states of matter. We designed, packaged and made vanilla ice cream with healthy toppings. The children made the ice cream from scratch without using a freezer. They then used a range of fruit to flavour the ice cream. […]


Year 6 take a piece of the pie

Year 6 have been constructing pie charts. They have understood the data and found the ‘whole’. From this, they wrote the data as fractions of the whole, which enabled them to find equivalent fractions with 360 as the denominator. This allowed the children to see how many degrees each section of the pie chart needed […]