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Year 6 presentations to Key Stage 1

Space landing

Year 6 had a brilliant afternoon on Monday presenting their research to children in Key Stage 1.

This week, children in Year 6 have been researching all about the events of the moon landing on “0th July 1969. Their challenge was to represent their findings in a way that children in Year 1 & 2 would understand and remember. Year 6 pupils created colourful information posters, which they then explained about to the younger pupils.

Year 6 presentationAll the children really enjoyed working together and Year 6 found it extremely useful. They soon realised that when presenting information they really needed to think about their audience, as some of the younger children were unable to remember key information, such as Neil Armstrong. When discussing how it went, Tokyo decided that if they were to do the activity again, they would use rhyme, song, a story or act some parts out so the children were really interested and could remember the facts.