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Puppet shows

Year 4 became puppet show masters at the end of term when they performed their Dreamtime stories for KS1. After weeks of preparation, year 1 and 2 had the delight of seeing some real treats.

Working in groups of three, the children chose an Aboriginal Dreamtime story to re-write into a script. They then decided which scenes they would need to create in order to tell the story.

The next step was to make their puppets and their theatres. As a class, we looked at different methods of making puppets and the different types of materials they would need for each one.

Finally, they put all these elements together to rehearse and make sure they had included all of the necessary features.

Despite their nerves, year 4 were superb. They managed to get through it as a team and entertain some very picky customers!

Well done year 4!

Watch the story of Tiddalick as an example of the Dreamtime stories we used.