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Scissor happy!

Building scissor skills

Many of the Nursery children have been very excited to have access to scissors in our Art Area and have been trying to use them.  We have been supporting them by helping them to hold the scissors correctly in one hand and to begin to learn to cut by snipping narrow strips of paper and foam.  Craft foam sheets or thin card are particularly good for children who are learning to cut  as they provide some resistance so that the scissors do not cut too quickly.  We have also provided scissors in the playdough area to snip small chunks of dough.

In Nursery we always use child-sized scissors with metal blades which are just sharp enough to successfully cut through a range of craft materials.  We always talk to the children about using scissors safely, what they should and should not cut (definitely not their own or anyone else’s hair!) and how to carry them safely from the storage shelf to the table.

You can help your child at home by providing them with an appropriate pair of child scissors (with metal blades not plastic) and a box of paper, card (old greetings cards are ideal) and other scrap materials for practising snipping.  As your child becomes more skilful, practise cutting along lines, around shapes drawn on paper and cutting out pictures from old magazines, catalogues etc.  Be patient and give lots of praise!  Using scissors is a difficult skill for young children to master.  Always remember to talk about safety using and carrying scissors at home, encouraging your child to store them safely away after use.