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The Colour Monster

The Colour Monster  by Anna Llenas

Nursery have been joining in with our whole School Well-being Week.  We have had an amazing week exploring and talking about the beautifully illustrated pop-up version of this book by Anna Llenas.    It is about a very confused colour monster who is red, green, blue, yellow, pink and black all at the same time!  A friend helps him to understand that each colour represents a feeling and helps him to sort them out by identifying each one and explaining how they make him feel.



Our children have been absolutely captivated by the book and have had lots of discussions about their own feelings and what makes them sad, happy, angry, afraid, calm and loving.  They have represented their feelings  not only through talking but by writing, drawing, painting, and role playing.  We have listened to sad, happy and quiet music as we painted, collaged and relaxed!  The children were so interested in the illustrations that we had a go at using the same skills to make our own Colour Monster pictures.  We never cease to be amazed by the way the children rise to challenge and produce such amazing work, ideas and skills with only the minimum of support.




As part of Well-being Week we have been taking time every day to have some quiet time.  We have practised our version of ‘mindfulness’ by closing our eyes, breathing calmly and deeply, and being still.  By the end of the week some of our children were so good at relaxing that they fell asleep!  They especially loved practising being quiet and still in our Forest School area, feeling the warm sun and gentle breeze on their faces and listening to the sounds all around them.  One of the children told us he felt “like the green Colour Monster, all calm!”.  As well as our meditations we have started the day by welcoming the sun in our “Sun Salutation” yoga activity – we can’t wait for warm. dry mornings so that we can make this part of our routine outdoors!

What a fantastic week – not only ‘chilled out’, happy children but ‘chilled out’ staff too!