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Roles and Responsibilities of a School Council Member

Roles and Responsibilities of a School Council Member

Roles and Responsibilities of a School Council Member


Do you think you could represent your class as a member of the Ellesmere Primary School Council?


The role of a School Council member:


  • Attend regular fortnightly meetings with other School Council members from each class
  • Take ideas and suggestions your class have to discuss at School Council meetings
  • Bring back ideas, information and suggestions to your class to listen, discuss, share their views and, where necessary, vote on actions that need to be taken
  • Help to organise charity events throughout the year
  • Encourage the pupils in your class to be aware of their school environment and to respect and care for it
  • Some of the more senior School Council members will be responsible for specific tasks:
  • Chairperson – leads the meetings
  • Vice chairperson – supports the chairperson
  • Secretary – takes the minutes for the meeting
  • Treasurer – manages the money (with Miss Massey)


Once chosen to become a member of the School Council, children in years 4,5 and 6 will have the opportunity to apply for one of the above roles.


In order to be a successful School Council member, you will need to be:


  • Reliable
  • Proud of our school and want our school to be the best it can be
  • Listen carefully to the views of others and take their ideas on board
  • Represent the majority view of your class, even if you don’t agree!
  • Commit time to this role and accept that you may need to do things during break times and/or lunchtimes
  • Enthusiastic
  • Kind and respectful
  • Patient


If you think this role is for you, then be brave and put yourself forward as a candidate.


What you will need to do next:


  • Talk to your class for a maximum of 2 minutes, explaining why you want to be on the School and explain how you will make the school better
  • Your class will then vote (secretly)
  • Class teachers will count the votes and pass the information onto Miss Massey
  • Miss Massey will then announce the results the following week.




  • Candidates to present speeches w/b 21.9.20
  • Voting to be held on, or before, Friday 25th September 2020
  • Announcements to be made w/b 28.9.20
  • Chairperson, vice chair, secretary and treasurer to be in place w/b 5.10.20


The School Council Rules are as follows:

All School Council members must:

  •     be respectful and listen to others
  •     contribute or participate actively in meetings
  •     follow the school rules and be role models to other pupils
  •     model good behaviour at all times
  •     be polite and courteous to others
  •     attend fortnightly meetings
  •     use their position on School Council to support and develop our school community
  •     feedback to peers after meetings