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Physical Education

Physical Education

At Ellesmere Primary School we believe that achievement should be celebrated in the widest possible sense.

PE and sport are central to our curriculum and learning because we believe that supporting and preparing children for a healthy, active lifestyle is as important as teaching children how to read and write. We strive to provide our children with a rich and balanced range of competitive and participative sport. Our PE curriculum is exciting and inspirational which ensures a progression of skills throughout the school. The curriculum is enhanced by our inter house sports program. The curriculum coverage is run alongside a competitive school calendar. The two hours of high quality PE that we provide, as well as daily activity breaks (including the ‘walk a mile’ scheme) means that our children leave school with an excellent knowledge of Physical Education and a passion for sport. Our children are prepared for an active, healthy lifestyle beyond their primary education and understand the transferable benefits of engaging in sport.


Swimming takes place once a week for all classes at our swimming pool which we also share with Titans swimming club. Lessons are taught by in-house swimming teachers who are ASA qualified and supported by a lifeguard at all times. Please ensure your child has their swimming kit for every week which consists of a blue or navy swimming costume or trunks, goggles and a swimming hat.

After school clubs

We offer a wide range of sport and activity clubs after school, mainly taught by enthusiastic staff or qualified coaches. Most of our extra-curricular clubs also follow the events calendar in preparation for competitive opportunities. This term we are having clubs including; gymnastics, netball, dodge ball, swimming, orienteering and football.

Extra-curricular activities

Currently, we follow the Oswestry area sports calendar and strive to compete in all competition and opportunities. We aim to be represented by a range of year groups and abilities in the competition events and also take advantage of many talented sportsmen and women we have in school. This also gives opportunity for children to form links with outside clubs in the area and increase their participation in sport. Again this year, we will be holding a whole school event in order to raise money for a chosen charity, similar to our 5k run for Cancer Research which was a huge success last year.

Intra-school sport

Throughout the year we hold termly intra-school sporting events, these can be competitive and non-competitive but mainly aim to give children opportunities to compete and participate in sport within school time and with their friends. In the past we have taken part in rounder’s tournaments, circuit training and cross country races, all aiming to win points for the specific house your child is in.