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Mummifying apples in Year 5!

As part of our medicine through the ages topic, we started by looking at Ancient Egypt.

We decided to investigate mummification and we found out the process of what happened back then. In order to help children understand the process, we decided to turn apples in to mummies. First we weighed the apple, then we made a natron mix out of salt and bicarbonate of soda, we then covered the apple in the natron mix and have left them in containers. We will be checking on the apple after 3 weeks to see if the appearance or weight has changed. We will keep you updated!

Well done to all of our finalists in today’s Spelling Bee Final. It was lovely to see how hard the children had worked to learn their spellings, they were all very determined. We are very proud of all of the children. Here are the results…

In first place: Christopher

In second place: Bella

In joint third place: Grace and Olivia

In fourth place: Chloe