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Humpty Dumpty and Little Lumpty

A happy ending for Little Lumpty!

This week we have read the story of Little Lumpty who climbed onto the very same wall that Humpty had fell from long, long ago and then could not get down.  However, when we reached the last page of the story it was blank and we did not find out the ending!  The children were amazing at thinking up ideas so that Lumpty could be rescued safely from the wall.  They suggested a jet which flew to the wall and lowered a ladder so Lumpty could climb up, a big trampoline, a fire-engine with the “longest ladder in the world”  and a giant who was “as high as the wall” who rescued Lumpty and gave him back to his Mummy.  We wrote down all the children’s suggestions so that we could finish the story and then acted them all out.

As our Talk for Writing activities have continued the children have also been busily writing more stories about Humpty Dumpty and illustrating them on their own story maps. They are really impressing us with their fantastic drawing and story-telling skills.


We cracked lots more eggs this week in our cooking sessions to make meringues.  It was very tricky separating the yolks from the egg whites.   We talked about the changes we saw happening as we whisked the egg whites and predicted how the mixture might change again after baking.  We were surprised to discover that our frothy, creamy heaps of whisked up egg whites and sugar turned into crispy, crumbly meringues.  We thought they were delicious!


In all of our number activities this week we have been practising accurate counting, numeral recognition and learning to recognise quantities without counting.  The children have also been introduced to our Numicon resources.  Numicon is a multi-sensory teaching resource which helps children to visualise numbers, whilst also being able to touch, feel and see a visual representation of the quantity the numeral represents.

One group of children met Number Four in our NumberLand session this week.  They counted out the correct quantities of fruit to give to each of our numbers, ordered numerals up to four, counted forwards and backwards, found different ways of making four with the Numicon resources and even gave Number 4 a birthday party with four candles on his cake!


This week the children themselves have asked for our Role Play area to be changed into a Doctor’s surgery.  In continuing our ‘rhymes’ theme, our rhyme for next week will be “Miss Polly Had a Dolly”.  We will be learning about how doctors and nurses help us  and how we can keep ourselves fit and healthy.