Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

Another busy week for Scotland and Wales classes

We began the week finding out that the Evil Pea was still causing mischief in our classrooms and around our school! The children continued to plot exciting ways for us to capture him once and for all. The children invited Mr Roberts over to check out our amazing traps and ideas. He was very impressed with our teamwork.

In Maths this week we made Superhero Smoothies using our number skills to follow the recipe cards. We had to follow a variety of addition number sentences in order to work out how many strawberries, blueberries and banana pieces to put in the smoothies, as well as how many spoonfuls of yoghurt and cups of milk. We discussed healthy eating and talked about ways we can look after our bodies. After blending all of our ingredients and discussing the changes we observed, we got to try our delicious creations!

On Friday morning we were shocked to find the playground covered in a strange green trail! The children followed the trails into the classroom to find that the Evil Pea had tried to creep in, but luckily had been captured in our traps by our homemade Supertato! We had to come up with ideas as to what would happen next. After much discussion we decided that we would spend the day modelling fantastic behaviour and teaching the Evil Pea how to be good, just like us! By the end of the day we agreed that… ‘Some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason!’ So we marched the Pea back to the freezer where he belongs!