Elson Road, Ellesmere, Shropshire, SY12 9EU

What a lovely week it’s been too!

We began the week with the wonderful story ‘The Doorbell Rang,’ by Pat Hutchins. This led us straight into Maths, without the children realising! We had fun acting out the story as we went along using a plate of delicious cookies. Each time the doorbell rang we had to share the cookies out so that each guest had an equal amount of cookies on their plate.

We then extended our knowledge of sharing by applying it to different situations. We played games which involved sharing, we shared sweets and toys, and then we recordered our findings.

As we had such lovely weather, we decided to get busy in the garden! Lots of children came to help dig out the weeds from the raised border by using a hand trowel and small rake. It was hard work as some of the weeds were tough to get out! The children looked closely at the soil to see if they could see anything moving. One of the children spotted a huge worm. We enjoyed looking more bugs, we found a woodlice and a spider! We dug holes for the plants and we removed the plants from the pots they were in. Some children helped to use the tape measure to make sure we were planting the plants far enough away from each other. We fixed the measuring tape at 25cm after counting to 25. We put the plants in the holes we had dug, gently pushed them down, covered the roots with soil and finally gave them a drink of water.

Some children had shown an interest in Japan, they learnt lots of interesting facts. We were curious about sushi, so we decided to make some for everyone to try. We wrote a list of ingredients we needed, and Miss Phillips went shopping for them. We found a recipe on the internet and read it together carefully before getting busy! We boiled the sticky rice and chopped the vegetables carefully into small pieces. When the rice was ready we spread it on the thin sheet of seaweed, before adding the vegetables in a straight line. Finally we rolled it up and chopped them into 26 pieces. Everyone was excited to try the sushi, some even had a dip in the soy sauce!