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End of Madagascar topic in Year 3!

Year 3 enjoy finishing their child-led topic work. They all worked hard to plan, research and create their own projects.

At the start of the term, the children thought about which area of Madagascar they were interested in. They then planned and researched their area of interest, before making a start on collecting equipment and making prototypes.


Many of the children chose to focus on the animals found on the island of Madagascar. They painted cardboard to make the habitat and then used clay to make models of their chosen animal including turtles, fossas and lemurs.


Three of the children decided to work on their sewing and textile skills to make a lemur costume. They cut out their material and then sewed the edges to make a tunic. Once stitched, they painted the costume black and added a tail and mask!


A couple of the girls wanted to create information and chose to make posters or booklets. Nearly all of their work was independent and worked incredibly hard, also choosing to do extra work at home. Once all the projects were made, we showed off our creations with each other and talked about the skills we used.

All the children have thoroughly enjoyed focusing on Madagascar this term and are looking forward to studying the Vikings next term.