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Year 4 – ‘Fletcher’ and ‘Rosen’


Children will continue to receive weekly homework in Year 4. This will be set on a Friday in both classes and will consist of a piece of a GPS (grammar, punctuation & spelling) dictation and a maths activity.

Homework will be set using Google Classroom. Your child will have been given a log for this. Google Classroom can be accessed via the Virtual School link at the top of this page.

Children should be reading five times a week at home. Where possible encourage your child to read daily, even if it is just 5 minutes squeezed in. It doesn’t have to be their book from school, it could be a magazine, comic, annual or anything else they enjoy.  Children have reading diaries where you can comment on your child’s reading at home and they can keep track of the books they have read. There is also a useful section on common words to read and spell. Reading books will be changed on Tuesdays.

Times Tables

Children in Year 4 will be tested on their times tables as part of the national Multiplication Tables Check, for children throughout the country, at the end of Year 4. Guidance for parents can be found here

“The purpose of the check is to determine whether pupils can fluently recall their
times tables up to 12, which is essential for future success in mathematics. It will
also help your child’s school to identify pupils who may need additional support.”

Swimming & PE

Year 4 PE and Swimming sessions will take place every Thursday.  Children must come to school dressed in their PE kits and will continue to wear them for the rest of the day. PE kit is a white t-shirt, blue or navy shorts and suitable footwear (trainers or pumps). Please also ensure children come to school with the appropriate swimming kit in a waterproof bag.

Children with earrings must remove them for PE and Swimming or cover with tape if they have just been pierced. Long hair must be tied back for both PE and Swimming.

Water Bottles

Children are welcome to bring their own water bottle into class, this should be filled with water only. Named cups will also be provided for drinking water, and these will remain in school. It is important for children to keep hydrated throughout the day. Unless this has been discussed with a class teacher for medical reasons.

Mrs Hampson and Miss Davies

Year 4 – ‘Fletcher’ and ‘Rosen’ Blog


Electrifying Learning

This week in Year 4, we have been constructing a simple series electrical circuit and using all the correct terminology to identify the key parts. We have been very impressed with the way the children have derived their own questions based on this. Next week, we will be using different scientific enquiries to answer these […]


Who’s that behind the mask!

We have been considering the influence of Ancient Greece on areas of our modern day lives. We have had a particular focus on entertainment and theatre. We have been researching different theatre masks that were used to perform. The children have done some fantastic sketches based on different elaborate masks and next week we’ll be […]


Solid, Liquid, Gas….Lets Eat Our Ice Cream Fast!

In Year 4 we have been making ice cream as part of our DT unit linked to states of matter. We designed, packaged and made vanilla ice cream with healthy toppings. The children made the ice cream from scratch without using a freezer. They then used a range of fruit to flavour the ice cream. […]


What Matters Most!

What Matters Most! We have been looking at properties of materials. The children demonstrated the difference between each state of matter by using their bodies and movements! The children have also learnt all about the Water Cycle and how this involves all 3 states of matter. Check out our amazing work!


Practicing Partitioning

Year 4 have been learning how to partition hundred and thousand numbers in a variety of ways.


Food on the Move!

This week class Rosen have had a fantastic week. We have made a brilliant start on our new Mini-Mission ‘Humans, Habitats and Living things’. Here are a few snap shots from when we made the digestive system earlier this week.