At Ellesmere Primary School we take the well being of your child very seriously. Headteacher Stuart Roberts is designated officer for child protection, along with Gemma Davies and Sue Powell. Should you have any concerns with issues in relation to your child please refer to the policies below for more information or contact the school.

 Behaviour and Exclusions Policy

We have rigorous systems in place to keep your child safe. This page contains more information about these systems and links to documents containing information about how we praise good behaviour and how we tackle behaviour deemed unacceptable at school.

Behaviour Policy

Exclusions Policy


Our school does not tolerate bullying in any form. The document below details our policy to prevent bullying and react quickly to behaviour towards pupils deemed unacceptable.

Anti Bullying Policy

 Praise for good behaviour

We believe that actively looking for positive behaviour, rather than focussing on the negative, cultivates a healthy, happy environment.

  • Stickers and praise stamps etc. may be given to reinforce positive behaviour.
  • Children may be sent to other members of staff for praise.
  • Head Teacher’s Praise – given to reward effort, achievement and attainment. Praise will be given and a Head Teacher sticker awarded.

Every day is a fresh start for all children. All children begin on ‘green’ every day. A poor behaviour decision may result in a warning (amber) and a second poor decision (red) will result in a time-in (loss of an amount of playtime – 10 mins in KS2; 5 mins in KS1). Time is not accumulated; instead response is escalated. Teachers may redesign the layout of the system to suit the needs of the children in their class. All warnings and timeouts are recorded weekly for monitoring purposes. Children that remain ‘green’ all term are rewarded each term. Records of warnings, time-ins and merits are kept to evaluate the effectiveness of school behaviour policy

Certificates of achievement

A weekly award given by the class teacher, with the contribution of the class, and presented during a special weekly assembly. The children’s names will be recorded in the weekly school newsletter and a star with their name is put on the ‘Shining Stars’ display board. Class teachers may give out additional class awards.

The Merit System

All children in school (in KS1 and KS2) will receive merits for effort and achievement. Merits will be awarded for consistently positive behaviours. Class teachers will ensure that merits are distributed fairly and consistently.

Children will receive rewards for merits received. The certificates for 300 and 400 merits will be posted to the children’s parents. Each year, children aim to beat their previous best score.

  • 100 merits earn an Assistant Headteacher sticker and dojo message
  • 200 merits earns a Deputy Headteacher certificate and note home
  • 300 merits earns a Headteachers certificate presented in celebration assembly and a postcard home
  • 400 + merits earns a special certificate presented by a significant person and an additional prize.

School Leaders

A system of pupil leadership (year 6 children) encourage good behaviour through role modelling.

Lunchtime supervisors’ awards

Weekly awards for positive behaviour can only be given by only the lunchtime supervisors and will result in a certificate. A lunchtime rewards display chalkboard is placed for all to see on the main playground

Class Dojo

Our web-based reward system used to record merits and provide a visual and interactive resource in class. Class Dojo can be linked to parents’ email accounts so that positive messages can be communicated.

House points

Children’s merits equate to house points. When certificates are received, merits are added to the house point system. Rewards are given to the house with the most points at the end of each half-term.

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